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Unlike the Termite, The unsocial Carpenter Bee does not eat wood: However, similar to the Carpenter Ant, They will damage wood for nesting purposes. The female Carpenter Bee will drill beautifully round holes in your doors, eaves, windowsills, railings,etc. and make a tunnel in which to lay her eggs. Carpenter Bees like soft woods and prefer wood that has not been painted or varnished. From the initial entrance hole, the female will tunnel to what she feels is a safe distance from the entrance, approximately 1 inch or so, and then begin to create other rooms or tunnels off of the main entrance hole. These other rooms or tunnels are where she will lay her eggs.Carpenter Bees, once they begin to expand their tunneling from the initial hole can unfortunately cause structural damage to the wood.

Carpenter Bee Service includes a thorough inspection and evaluation by a trained and licensed technician to determine affected area(s) and proper treatment of the infestation.

Direct treatment to the nesting/tunnel areas (holes) of the carpenter bees will be done in order to provide the most effective treatment. Nesting/Tunnel (hole) area will be sealed to eliminate re-infestation and future return of other carpenter bees to the same nesting/tunnel. (Note: Upon completion of service, it is recommended that homeowner properly paint or varnish the affected area to deter carpenter bee activity).

Application of treatments are in accordance with and as required by federal, state and local regulations and is provided in a manner that will yield the most successful treatment results. Please call with any questions or for additional information. REMEMBER: We BEAT all competitor quotes.


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