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An ant infestation can be difficult to eradicate. Usually, an ant is looking for a food source or a warm place during the colder months, and once it finds a suitable location (your home), it will leave a scent/pheromones that allows other ants to follow until a colony or colonies take up full residence in your home. When an ant infestation goes untreated, it can wreak havoc on a home quickly.

Attempting to treat them on your own may only cause ants to scatter and start sub-colonies throughout your home. In addition, proper identification is crucial to proper treatment.

Ants are often reoccurring visitors to the perfect, suitable location…your home… and a regular preventative maintenance program may be required to keep them from returning.

Integrity Pest Solutions will determine where an ant colony is located and treat based on local, state and federal regulations. One time treatments to address the ants specifically, as well as year-long preventative maintenance programs are offered, in order to manage ant’s entrance into your home before it happens. *Please Note: It may take more than one treatment to thoroughly rid ants from a residence dependent upon the location, number of possible sub-colonies, return infestations and the type of ant infestation.*

TIPS: Keep countertops and stoves, etc. areas clean of sugars, salt and grease & clean soiled/dirty dishes out of sinks and off counters that may draw ants. Food lures in scout ants to your home.


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