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Everyone has heard of the damage that termites can do to one of the things that most people work their whole life to have – turning your dream home into a nightmare. Termites have huge appetites and love to eat on cellulose, which is in the wood that creates your home, walls, garages, sheds, etc. Termites can also eat paper, books, boxes, furniture, clothes, etc. They are very organized and work together to accomplish their goal.

Termites can have a long-term effect on your home, as well as future resale value. This is especially true if there has been more than one termite infestation. It is estimated by the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) that termites cause homeowners approximately 5 billion dollars’ worth of damage to property annually. The estimated cost of home and property repairs from termite damage can range from $6,000.00 to $8,000.00.

In addition, Termites also can cause allergies and asthma. Left untreated, termite colonies can grow to the size of a football field. Unfortunately, Termites often go unnoticed for years due to their ability to hide in walls, under homes and stay out of the sun in general, which is why it is so important to be vigilant in detection. Termites are also repeat visitors- once an infestation, there is a greater possibility of additional infestations in the future.

INSPECTIONS: Integrity Pest Solutions provides Annual Termite Protection Inspections by a certified technician to help protect against the possibility of an infestation, and to gain early detection so that a treatment can be done as soon as possible should termites be discovered. TREATMENTS: We offer thorough, comprehensive treatments that are guaranteed for one year. In the event that termites are not eliminated during an initial treatment, Integrity Pest Solutions will return for additional treatments to affected areas at no additional charge for the Guaranteed year.

CONSTRUCTION: Pre-Construction / Post-Construction Termite Treatments are provided for new homes, garages, additions. porches, offices, and buildings. These treatments also include a one year guarantee.

WOOD DESTROYING INSECT INSPECTION AND REPORT/WDIR for real estate and bank closings are also available. Form NPMA-33 provided.

TIPS: Be sure that there is no leaking plumbing or drainage issues in or around your home. Termites are drawn to high moisture areas.


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