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Seeing bugs in your kitchen? A beetle, weevil or moth? Stored Product Pest bugs are exactly what the name implies, they are pests / bugs that live in and eat your stored product/foods that are commonly kept in the pantry or cabinets. The Stored Product Pests, or as occasionally referred, Pantry Pests, are many and usually conjugate in and around food products, get comfortable and then multiply.

These pests come into the home for one of the usual reasons that visitors often come to your home for- food. They are also brought into the home from grocery stores when you purchase the food product. They are often found in grains, flours, cereals, candies, pastas, processed foods, beans, nuts, spices and even pet foods. Grass seed, bird seed, potpourri (dried flowers) are also dinner of the stored product pest.

There are several types, however, some of the most common are the Indian Meal Moth, Cigarette Beetles, Varied Carpet Beetles and Sawtoothed Grain Beetles.

Integrity Pest Solutions can identify and customize a treatment to meet the customers exact needs based on the stored product pest infestation, including the above most common as well as others not listed such as Maise Weevil, Larder Beetles, Furniture Beetles, Fur Beetles, and Confused Flour Beetles.

TIPS: Seal all foods tightly in containers. Seal pet foods in sealed containers.


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