With over 13 years of experience, Integrity Pest Solutions happily serves Sussex and Kent County areas. We are locally owned and operated and have resided in Sussex County all of our lives. We know the area and we know the types of pests that inhabit our beautiful counties.

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Though some may find them cute as pets when held within the confines of a cage or when playing on your favorite cartoon (We all love Mickey and Minnie Mouse), however, mice and rats are both unhealthy and dangerous to your home.

They are often in search of warm, food sufficient environments to survive and to start a happy family/nest and your home may just fit their needs. In addition, they leave the welcome mat out with their scent to invite other mice to join them in their newly found five star residence. When inside, they cause damage to homes including holes, electrical wiring, insulation, furniture and appliances. Once entrance to your home is gained, they can chew through electrical wires that may cause electrical fires, as well as damage to appliances such as refrigerators, clothes dryers, etc. They also search out anything that they find appealing to build a nest such as clothing, books, paper, stuffed animals, etc.

As if the damage and fire hazard that these creatures can cause is not enough, they are also carriers of diseases and germs and can even cause respiratory problems. They involuntarily leave urine and feces, as well as shed fur wherever they go including your counters, stove, cabinets, dog food areas, etc.

They will invade areas of the home where food is readily available, all the while contaminating the food you eat and posing possible health risks to the home.

Integrity Pest Solutions offers a Preventative Maintenance Program to keep these unhealthy pests from ever entering your home. The best defense is keeping them out before they enter and can cause the damage (Get EM’ before they Get in). However, if you find that these nasty little critters have already made a home of your home, Integrity Pest Solutions offers Rodent Treatment and Exclusion Services to rid your home of them.

TIPS: Keep trash cans away from your homes. Trash cans with food may lure mice near your home.


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