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With over 13 years of experience, Integrity Pest Solutions happily serves Sussex and Kent County areas. We are locally owned and operated and have resided in Sussex County all of our lives. We know the area and we know the types of pests that inhabit our beautiful counties.

GUARANTEED Get EM’ Before They Get In Preventative Maintenance Program

With our Guaranteed Get EM’ Before They Get In Quarterly Preventative Maintenance program, service visits are provided on a quarterly basis, with four regularly scheduled visits in a year to your home.

This Guaranteed service provides you with year-long protection against the entry of pests into the interior of the home so that you can Get EM’ before they Get In. Our service technician will visit, inspect, bait (as needed) and treat the outside perimeter of your home and crawlspace, if applicable, on each of the four (4) included visits. While the scheduled visits are usually sufficient, should you have any concerns or need additional treatments at any time during the year, they are GUARANTEED and we will return to your home for additional service at NO additional cost.

The Guaranteed Get EM’ before they Get In Preventative Program is designed to concentrate treatments on the exterior of the home in order to prevent and limit the use of chemicals in the interior where the family and pets reside. It is the goal of this program to prevent pests from ever entering the home.

The Quarterly Program carries coverage and control of many common household and exterior pests and even mice/rodents. With this Guaranteed program, You will gain protection against: Pest Ants, Spiders, Crickets, Mice/Rodents, Silverfish, Ground Beetles, Spring Tails, Box Elders, Stinkbugs, Pill bugs, millipedes, centipedes, Clover mites, Earwigs, Sow Bugs, and Spider Mites.

Application of treatments is in accordance with and as required by label, federal, state and local regulations and is provided in a manner that will yield the most successful treatment results. Please call with any questions or for additional information. Remember: We BEAT all competitor quotes!


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