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With over 13 years of experience, Integrity Pest Solutions happily serves Sussex and Kent County areas. We are locally owned and operated and have resided in Sussex County all of our lives. We know the area and we know the types of pests that inhabit our beautiful counties.

FREE ON-Site, NO Obligation Estimates are available for all pest control services. No Sales Pitch! No Obligation!

What is the price for a pest control service/Exterminator?

In order to offer the most affordable price & successful treatment program to our customers, an on-site visit is required. This is due to the many different variables such as type of pest concern, proper identification of pest, size & type of home, attached/detached buildings, exclusion requirements, etc. that effect pricing & determine the proper treatment for your actual pest concern. In addition, we also find it important to talk & communicate directly with you to make sure we offer the most comprehensive pest program designed to meet your particular requirements. But, don’ worry, Integrity Pest Solutions offers FREE, no obligation on-site estimates to you so that you get the most fair & affordable price. Proposal will be provided on same day as on site visit for prompt and same day scheduling at your request.


How soon can I have someone do my pest control service?

At Integrity Pest Solutions, our customers are important to us and we know your time is valuable. We will respond to your call the same day or within 24 hours. At your convenience, an appointment time will be scheduled as soon as you wish.

What pests are covered under a Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program?

Our Guaranteed Maintenance Program provides treatment against most common household pests. They include mice / rodents, ants, spiders, stinkbugs, silverfish, beetles, millipedes, centipedes, pill bugs, moths, sow bugs, spider mites, clover mites, and more. Refer to the Quarterly Maintenance Program for more information. In addition to the pests included under the Quarterly Program, Integrity Pest Solutions also offers treatment service for hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, fleas, cockroaches, and of course, termites in which we specialize in. We are your one-stop pest control service.

Do treatments have an odor or smell?
Our treatments are water-based and are considered to have no to low odor by the majority of our customers. In addition, Integrity Pest Solutions has great success in providing exterior treatments that eliminate our customer’s pest concerns so that interior in-home treatments are minimized as much as possible.
Can you and Do you Treat the inside of my home during treatments?

The short answer is Yes.  However, Integrity Pest Solutions attempts to minimize in-home treatments as much as possible by providing a thorough and targeted exterior/outside treatment including windows, doors, crawlspace and basements when possible.  Our goal is to prevent pests from entering the home with our outside treatments so that your family has limited and minimal exposure with the treatment.  In some cases, dependent upon the type of infestation, such as with roaches, fleas, and ants, interior treatments are required in order to successfully control the infestation.  Integrity Pest Solutions will also, of course, provide interior treatments at our customer’s request and if there are interior pest concerns present.

How long before a treatment service works?

We recommend allowing seven to ten days after a service to see results. In most cases, immediate results will be seen, however the full treatment result may not be obtained or seen for up to ten days. It takes time for some pests to come in contact with treatment area and/or to take back to nest or colony dependent on the type of pest treated. However, Should you ever have any questions about a treatment performed by Us, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I get rid of ants in my home? How do I keep ants out of my home?

To get rid of ants out of your home, eliminate food and water sources including both inside and outside of the home. Seal up all cracks that allow ants to make their way into your home. Keep foliage and bushes trimmed back away from your house. It is recommended to take action as soon as you see ants. Ants will bud and start multiple nests and colonies, making control more difficult. Be careful when trying to treat yourself. Incorrect and improper treatment will actually make an ant infestation worse and cause ants to start new colonies in the home Proper identification is essential to treatment. In many cases, professional pest control service may be required in order to control the ant infestation. Integrity Pest Solutions is your one stop ant control company and is trained to properly identify and treat all types of ants in Sussex and Kent County. Ant control is also included in Integrity Pest Solutions’ Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program for year long coverage against ants.

How do I keep mice out of my home?

Mice are always searching for a warm place for adequate food supply to live. And, unfortunately, once they get in to your home, mice multiply quite rapidly. Mice also carry diseases and are very dirty critters. We recommend sealing any areas that mice may use to get inside your home – Check crawlspaces, basements and garages, etc. for small openings, cracks and gaps. And, remember, mice can squeeze through openings the size of a dime. Be sure that you have your crawlspace door closed tightly and sealed. Keep any food sources away from your home such as trash cans that could draw the mice to your home. Integrity Pest Solutions offers mouse treatment services and exclusion services to seal off possible entry areas of mice into your home, as well as our Guaranteed Quarterly Preventative Program to help keep mice out of your home year round

How can I make sure that I do not get termites? How do I keep termites out of my house?

Unfortunately, termites are quite active in Sussex and Kent county. Our area has high moisture and humidity levels in which subterranean termites thrive. We find that the best way to deter termites from entering your home is to be proactive. Regularly check for leakage around and under your home and look for standing water near the home and eliminate the source immediately. Keep bushes and foliage trimmed back away from the home. Keep gutters cleaned. Remove all wood piles away from the home as well as leaves and debris. Maintain proper drainage away from your house. Keep humidity levels down in your home (the use of an under-home dehumidifier is very effective at bringing humidity to a healthy level). Be on the look out for what is referred to as termite tubes and for termite swarm/swarmer activity, which are clear signs of termite activity either in or near the home. Inspect your home routinely for early termite detection. Due to the very secretive nature of termites (they do not like to be seen), we recommend getting annual termite inspections by an experienced and trained pest control professional such as Integrity Pest Solutions. The inspections we offer are thorough and are conducted by a certified technician who has been trained in the habits of termites, as well as in locating signs of termite activity for early detection and early treatment. Another option is having a Preventative Termite Treatment completed around your home, which offers peace of mind to homeowners and prevents termite activity before it can happen in your home. Integrity Pest Solutions offers both the Preventative Termite Treatment, as well as provides guaranteed termite treatments in the event of active termites in your home. Under-home Dehumidifiers to keep humidity levels within the home down are also recommended and are available from Integrity Pest Solutions. Termite Pre-treatments are recommended for new construction homes, additions and garages to prevent termite activity. All termite treatments provided by Integrity Pest Solutions includes a one year warranty.

What is the price for a termite treatment service/Exterminator?

An on-site visit & inspection is needed to determine the most accurate & affordable price for our Guaranteed termite treatments. Proper identification of active termites, areas of activity, and possible condusive conditions must be determined. For termite services where activity is present, it is crucial that the most successful & effective treatment program be determined. Integrity Pest Solutions offers FREE, no obligation on-site estimates to you so that you get the most fair & affordable price. Proposal for treatment will be provided on same day as on-site visit for prompt scheduling at your request.


Do you offer pest control near me in Delaware? Do you offer termite service near me in Delaware? What are the areas you service?

Integrity Pest Solutions offers pest control service and termite service to all of Sussex County, including the beach areas, and Kent County in Delaware. We have customers spanning both counties. We even offer group discounts to communities and home owner associations in to better serve our area.

What is the Guarantee for the Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program?

When you are under our Guaranteed Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program, you have guaranteed, unlimited service. This means, If you have a pest concern in between our regular visits, we will return to your home or business for treatment at no additional cost to you. Under the Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program, you have coverage and protection against a wide variety of common pests including the most active & reoccurring of them all, ants and mice. Refer to the Quarterly Preventative Program for additional information on the wide range of covered pests under this program.


Is Pest Control Safe?

At Integrity Pest Solutions, the safety of our customers and their pets is our priority. All of our treatments are provided and applied in accordance with and as required by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), Federal, State and Local regulations and per the manufacturers label for treatment which when properly applied is considered safe. In an effort to provide additional caution & safety for our customers, Integrity Pest Solutions applies treatments to the exterior of the home unless there is an interior/ inside home pest concern (or as requested by our customer). By treating the exterior / outside areas, crawlspace and applicable accessible areas in the basement, prevention of pests from entering the home is obtained, and therefore limiting unnecessary interior and in home treatments where our customers reside. We also strive to use minimal product in each of our treatments, while allowing for the most effective results in order to lessen the customer contact to treatments. Integrity Pest Solutions does not apply treatment to flowers, flowering bushes and flowering trees.


Is Pest Control Safe for my pet?
At Integrity Pest Solutions, the safety of our customers and their pets is our priority. All of our treatments are provided and applied in accordance with and as required by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), Federal, State and Local regulations and per the manufacturers label for treatment which when properly applied is considered safe for your pets once completely dry and usually in one to two hours of the application. We recommend keeping pets off of application areas until completely dry, which is approximately one to two hours from service. The material used for our treatments contain the same active ingredient used in many veterinary approved spot on treatments that are applied directly to your pets.
How much damage do termites do to my home?
Subterranean Termites, found in Sussex and Kent County, is estimated to cause over five billion dollars worth of damage annually to homes, according to the NPMA (National Pest Management Association). A colony of these termites can grow as large as one million or to the size of a football field. Depending on the length of time termites have been in the home and the size of the termite colony, termites can be very destructive to your home. They eat cellulose, approximately 10 to 15 pounds a week, which is in the wood that homes are constructed, and they will basically eat a home from the inside out, if left unchecked. The actual cost of damage caused by subterranean termites is hard to estimate and is dependent upon how long they were in the home before treating. The damage can range from small repairs to major structural damage to a home. Homeowner insurance also does not usually cover termite damage and repairs. Guaranteed comprehensive Termite Treatments are offered by Integrity Pest Solutions if you find that you have termite activity in your house. We also offer Guaranteed Preventative Termite Treatments and Pre-Construction Termite treatments for new homes, new additions and new garages. Discounted Group Preventative Treatments are available for Home Owner Associations, Communities, and Developments.
Do cockroaches cause health issues? Are cockroaches dangerous to my family?

Absolutely! Unfortunately, the presence of cockroaches can cause allergies and even asthma to the occupants of your home. Allergens including cockroach saliva, cockroach droppings and even dead cockroaches can trigger allergies to you and your family. German Cockroaches are also carriers of disease such as salmonella and E.coli. They cause gastroenteritis, which is food poisoning, and diarrhea to homeowners. The bacteria is spread by the roaches feet and body onto your food and surfaces that you may come in contact with or eat. A German Cockroach population grows rather rapidly if not addressed in the earlier stages and often becomes unmanageable without proper treatment by a pest control professional. Integrity Pest Solutions is here to help and offers comprehensive cockroach treatment programs.

How do I get rid of fleas on my pet and in my home?

Fleas multiply very quickly and make your pet miserable within no time. In order to get rid of fleas, the flea cycle must be broken which includes the eggs, larva, pupa, as well as adult fleas. Where this becomes difficult is even when you get rid of the adult fleas, the eggs will then hatch and in no time repopulate and reinfest. Flea infestations take a lot of work from you. The first step is put your pet on a veterinarian approved flea program, which should help eliminate adult fleas that are on your pet. The second step is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum and then vacuum. Also, sweep and mop uncarpeted areas. Vacuuming removes larva and eggs, as well as stimulates the eggs to hatch which can then be vacuumed up. Keep vacuuming every day for a minimum of two weeks. Be sure to empty the vacuumed contents outside of your home. Wash all pet bedding and other areas that pets have been in contact with such as comforters, blankets, etc. Vacuum and clean furniture that pets have been on. Continue the flea vet plan on your pet, especially if your pet goes outside and is exposed to possible fleas out of the home. For the most successful removal of fleas, begin the above process as soon as you notice fleas and before the flea population grows out of control. If your flea infestation does become out of control, Integrity Pest Solutions offers a two step treatment with immediate results against active adult fleas and larva and a secondary residual effect against the flea eggs so as they hatch and come in contact with the treatment, growth impairment is caused.

What is the difference between termites and ants?

The easiest way to identify a flying or carpenter ant from a termite is their body. An ant has a three section body, a head, thorax and abdomen; While a termite only has what appears to be a two piece body (however, they actually have a head, thorax and abdomen but it is much harder to distinguish). Termites have straight antennas and the ant antennae is bent. In addition, the wings of a termite are the same, uniform size, while flying ants have wings of two different sizes. Both the termite and the carpenter ant cause damage to your home. At Integrity Pest Solutions, we will help properly identify any pest concern that you may not sure be of and offer experienced, successful solutions including both flying/carpenter ants and guaranteed termite treatments.

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