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Out of all of the insects, to many there is nothing that makes the stomach turn like that of the cockroach. And for good reason. These little pests carry diseases and cause allergies to the inhabitants of the home that they share it with. In the event of larger infestations, they will even emit a smell in the home.

Cockroaches are often associated with a “dirty” home stigma, however, in many cases, cockroaches will make a home wherever they find a food supply, or they are brought home from the local grocery store or favorite restaurant. Often this pest does not know how to accept the “you’re not welcome here” mat at the door and they keep returning to the same location.

Integrity Pest Solutions can take care of the stomach turning & unhealthy cockroach with a comprehensive treatment program. Integrity Pest Solutions includes a 60 day warranty against re-infestation with the complete treatment program as recommended by the technician. This thorough and complete treatment should only be trusted to a company who has your best interests at heart since your health and that of your families could be at risk. Let Integrity Pest Solutions make your home safe and healthy again. *Note: A successful treatment of a cockroach infestation may take multiple, thorough treatments in order to achieve the desired results and the cooperation of the homeowner is essential for success. See Cockroach Treatment Instructions for additional information.*.

TIPS: Keep dirty dishes out of the sink. Run dishwashers regularly. A Cockroach’s main objective is to find a food source.


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