Cockroach Instruction Sheet

With over 13 years of experience, Integrity Pest Solutions happily serves Sussex and Kent County areas. We are locally owned and operated and have resided in Sussex County all of our lives. We know the area and we know the types of pests that inhabit our beautiful counties.


Pesticides and their application are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Federal Government. NO pesticide may be applied in a food handling area unless all dishes, pots and foods have first been removed and covered. There is no exception to this law. Due to the nature of the treatments used and their effects upon different types of insects, complete control may not be achieved for two weeks following the initial service.


Prepare to remain out of the home on the day of the service for a minimum of four to six hours after the treatment has been completed. For elderly and infants, 6 to 8 hours is recommended.


All pets should be removed from the home on the day of the service and kept away from serviced areas for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours after treatment has been completed. Smaller pets and cats may be more at risk to reaction to a treatment and direct contact to all animals should be minimized for the first day of treatment. MSDS sheets are available to provide you and your veterinarian additional information on the product that will be used for treatment.

Remove all caged pets (birds, reptiles, hamsters, reptiles, etc.) prior to service. If fish habitat cannot be removed, seal fish tanks to avoid water contamination. Place wet towels over tanks, disconnect air pump and wrap the air pump in plastic. It is advised to check with fish dealer as some breeds may suffer from 4-6 without aeration. All birds, reptiles, exotic animals may return after 24 hours.



Prior to scheduled treatment, Clean the entire home with emphasis on areas of infestations.

Cover or remove all pet foods, children toys, dishes and small appliances that are openly located in treatment area.

Clear treatment areas as much as possible prior to the service date. Move items away from walls to allow treatment access including appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher) and furniture, if possible. Clean floor areas under appliances.

Clean out under bathroom and kitchen sinks. Remove contents from treatment areas.

Remove all contents from cabinets (Kitchen & bathroom) and clean thoroughly. Remove drawers or clean drawers thoroughly and remove drawer contents. (place all removed contents in an untreated or covered location). Remove contents and clean kitchen pantry if applicable. Remove contents and clean bathroom closet if applicable.

Clean and vacuum any visible signs of roaches and eggs just prior to service visit. This includes in cabinets, counters, etc. Be sure to get in cracks.

Move all obstacles away from electrical outlets. If possible, remove outlet covers.

Clean all counters, islands, top of refrigerator, dishwasher (including inside), etc. prior to service.

Clean stove and range hood. Remove the removable stove drawer/broiler from stove and clean drawer as well as floor under the drawer.

Remove inside trash containers and outside trash containers.

Vacuum all carpeting on the evening before or hours prior to scheduled treatment.

Sweep and mop kitchen floors, tile floors, hardwood floors the evening or hours before treatment.

Remove clothes and shoes from closets and place in an untreated area or cover in the center of room.. *Note: If closet is infested, all items must be removed for treatment.*

Clean and move items to center of room (2’ to 3’ from walls) such as on entertainment centers, desks, tables, night stands, etc. We must treat Baseboards & cracks.

After treatment, clean any eating surfaces such as kitchen tables, counters and exposed dishes.

Do not wash or clean any surfaces that were treated. Washing will remove effectiveness of treatment. Allow to completely dry before putting back items in cabinets, closets, drawers, etc.

After treatment, continue high cleaning level in and on all areas on regular basis to maintain effectiveness of treatment. Keep food material from trash, counters, etc.

Although the material used for this treatment is EPA approved and considered safe when applied as labeled, If ill, pregnant or have sensitivity and/or allergies to chemical odors, it is recommended that a physician be consulted prior to scheduling service. It is also recommended to consult the veterinarian concerning pet concerns and sensitivity prior to scheduling service.

It is normal to see continued roach activity for several days as the roaches are exposed to the treatment material and activity will decrease as our treatment takes effect.

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