Carpenter Ants

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Carpenters Ants can cause significant damage to a home. Through their damage is not considered as devastating as termites, they can cause considerable damage when left undiscovered or untreated. Unlike termites, they do not actually eat wood, they tunnel in the wood to build their nests. Over time, their population and nest grows and they will expand through the wood, causing increased damage. They prefer soft, decaying wood so that they can easily tunnel through, but once a nest is made, they will continue through to dry, undamaged wood.

Carpenter ants are common across the United States including Sussex and Kent Counties, and are most likely to be seen during the Spring or Fall season. A sign of a Carpenter Ant infestation is if you see a flying ant, however, Carpenter Ants can often go unnoticed.

A thorough inspection such as performed in the Termite Protection Inspection and/or the Quarterly Get EM’ Preventative Maintenance Program offered by Integrity Pest Solutions will help alleviate homeowner minds with early detection.

Since a Carpenter Ant infests your home from an outside source, Integrity Pest Solutions will use a perimeter treatment around the exterior of the home, as well as treat any interior activity. A trained technician will determine location of the nest, if possible and treat directly in order to provide the most effective treatment.

TIPS: Trim all branches and limbs away from your home. Carpenter ants can travel the branches or wires to find entrance to your home.


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