Carpet Beetles

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Did you just notice a hole in your silk shirt? Or perhaps damage to your living room carpet? Carpet Beetles may be the culprits, These little pests commonly come into the home through small cracks, windows, screen doors or other small openings in the home and find a nice, dark secluded area to hang out.

There are two types – the Varied Carpet Beetle and Black Carpet Beetle which feed off of items that consist of animal fibers including silk, fur, wool, feathers, pet/animal hair and natural fiber carpets. They also will eat clothing that has body oils, perspiration or food stains on them (no dirty clothes in the closet please). The larvae will feed off of food products found in your home.

Integrity Pest Solutions will help you take back your home and offers treatment programs designed for carpet beetle infestation.

TIPS: Vacuum and clean well around and under baseboards. Carpet Beetles like to hide in these areas.


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